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About Dennis Kirkland

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In December 2000 my wife, Mary Ann, and I retired and moved from the Seattle area to the Methow Valley in North Central Washington State. Since the late 1960’s photography has been an integral part of recreational activities such as white water rafting, mountaineering, hiking, and skiing. Now photography is my main interest. I have mainly been attracted to nature subjects, but also enjoy travel photography with trips to Iceland, Patagonia, Bolivia, Bhutan, Peru, Kenya and Tanzania, and Guatemala in recent years. I have worked on special projects such as raising and photographing butterflies and moths and taking close-up images of cut rocks. For me photography is an ideal blend of creative and technical challenges. The camera and lenses are tools used to capture the essence of a subject at a moment in time. I am especially drawn to bold, vivid colors in and around my subjects. Photographing landscapes in early morning or late evening light, flowers and small creatures as seen through a macro lens, long time exposures at night, multiple exposures, intentional blurring of the subject through movement of the camera or subject- these are some of the subjects and techniques that I am drawn to and find so compelling. The possibilities are endless; they are only limited by my imagination and knowledge of how to use my photographic tools. Photography is my passion and it is a great joy to be able to share the results of my efforts with other people. My photographs are available at the Winthrop Gallery in Winthrop, Washington, the Altitude Gallery (altitudegallerybozeman.com) in Bozeman, Montana, and through my website. I also have a stock photography agent, The Jaynes Gallery, a sub-agent to Danita Delimont Stock Photography.

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